M.E.L.B.A. Multi Element Bolometer Array

Bolometer-Arrays with highest resolution are the key-diagnostic in nuclear Plasma-reactors of tomorrow.

Controlled nuclear fusion requires miniaturized, low-noise metal-layer bolometer-arrays for the broad band measurements of radiation emmited by the plasma.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology offers the most advanced versions of metal-layer bolometer-arrays. Unmatched sensitivity with unprecedented signal to noise ratio, perfect in situ calibration and unparalleled long term stabilility with a range of operation up to 400°C and marginal temperature drift.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology is black in a wide spectral range from IR- to Soft-X-field.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology is robust against high magnetical fields, ultra high vacuum and intensive nuclear radiation.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology provides integrated Wheatstone-bridge with remarkable symetry. A prerequisite for optimal suppression of electromagnetical, thermal and nuclear interfering signals.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology is the result of modern fabrication processes combined with a radical redesign of the bolometer layout.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology means Bolometer-Arrays with smallest footprint.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology allows fine tuning thermal properties exactly to the requirements.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology is a consistent enhancement of the well-known metal-layer-bolometers already in use in plasma-reactors for over 20 years.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology is faster, more robust, more sensitive, smaller and more versatile, than any other hitherto known bolometer-type.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology offers miniaturized bolometer-cameras with up to 30 integrated channels on one foil with almost no property variations from channel to channel.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology has and will be constanly improved for a wide range of applications hitherto unimaginable for bolometer-diagnostics.

M.E.L.B.A.-Technology is carried by their inventors (K.F.Mast and P.Betzler).

Our goal is to provide best performance bolometers based on 20 years of experience.

Constantly improving the technologie of a 20 year success story.

Bolometer-constant τ = 100ms
customizable from 20 to 500ms

Temperature resistant up to 400°C

absorber Gold thickness 1..15µm
heat flow layer Gold 0,02..0,08µm
Resistors platinum
carrier foil Capton®, glimmer, ceramics
Bridge voltage 20VAC
resistance R > 1kΩ

latest technologie: feedback bolometer mesuring absorbed radiation instantaneous.

offset free measurement on the lowest noise level up to 130db signal noise ratio.

calibration in situ offering highest quality measurement in variant ambient temperature ΔT ≥ 100°.

Customized Bolometer-Cameras for as low as 4000,-- € per channel.